Who We Are

DSW are a team of in-house learning experts who, together with a talent pool of over 850 accredited associates provide training and learning solutions across the whole of the financial services sector

What We Do

Renowned for the ability to consult and work with key stakeholders, DSW scope, design and deliver cutting edge learning solutions that can be embedded and sustained for years to come.

Where We Work

We specialise in the financial services sector although our capabilities extend across all sectors where development of leadership, management, sales & customer service excellence is required.

On Demand Expertise

DSW’s high calibre global talent pool is available for projects that require external support.


Accredited Experts


Associates Working


Annual Training Days

Face to Face & Virtual Deliverers


Digital, Creative & Instructional Designers

Workshop Facilitators

Project Managers

Programme Managers

Need a Trainer?

If you need rapid access to subject matter experts, DSW can supply them

Expertise Across A Variety Of Services

Whether you are looking to cover short term gaps, achieve more sales, ensure CPD, hone the skills of your leadership teams or digitalise your whole learning curriculum, DSW have the tools and resources to help you achieve your goal

Training Support

DSW are perfectly positioned to support your business via our accredited Learning & Development Associates. Using the latest technology we identify trainers, designers and deliverers with the expertise, experience and commitment to meet your needs.

Digital Solutions

Learning and development is changing – Digital is an increasingly viable alternative to face to face and traditional forms of e-learning.  Utilising our Digital Decision Tree © and the power of boutique digital partners, DSW can manage your transition to digital learning from concept to launch

Leadership Training

With a comprehensive suite of psychometrics, diagnostics, 360° surveys, coaching methodology and custom training programmes, DSW can meet the needs of your current and future leaders; from foundation programmes to executive leadership development and coaching.

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People Development

From staff induction to management development, technical training to CPD and customer service to sales, DSW specialise in people development.  We deliver knowledge, enable understanding and develop skills which lead to behavioural change – true competence.


DSW are proud to be a chosen learning partner of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).  Our annual schedule of prestigious CII face to face courses comprises over 220 events and provides Financial Services and General Insurance exam revision and training.  We also work with organisations by supporting their learners with banking, mortgage and other FS qualifications

Regulatory Change

Regulation in the financial services sector is a moving feast – change requires training to ensure continuing competence. DSW are renowned for the ability to design and deliver regulatory change training programmes, having led some of the largest in the country.

Who We Work With

We are widely considered as learning and development experts and have established mature relationships with all of the professional awarding bodies and many blue chip financial services organisations.

Thought Leaders In Financial Services

The Latest From Our Blog

Welcome to the latest content from our blog, “In The Know” covering regulatory and L&D trends, hot topics and emerging issues across the industry

  • Communicate More Effectively As A Leader

    The sooner you learn about reading people, listening to others and building relationships, the sooner you will be more effective. So I would have spent a little more time on the people side, a little more time on the relationship

  • 5 Things Shaping L&D in 2018

    If we want to affect digital transformation, we will need to overcome our own and our employees’ lack of digital skills, the associated set-up costs and a lack of suitable infrastructure.
    2018 Trends and Influences

    Much to everyone’s surprise, face-to-face learning remained

  • GDPR – Failure is Not An Option

    If your organisation is like many who trust bought-in data from unknown sources, it’s time to think about how you will manage this in light of GDPR – or suffer the consequences.
    GDPR is coming, but are you ready?
    The latest GDPR

  • Social Learning – The Forgotten Part of 70:20:10?

    The concept of 70:20:10 learning has been with us since 1996. Organisations continue an apparently inexorable march towards the considered perfect balance between Learning in a Workplace Environment (the 70), Social Learning (the 20) and Formal Learning (the 10) that traditionally provided the structure that drove organisational learning & development. AS THE POWER OF THE 10 FADES ... As the power of the 10 fades and more focus in placed on the 70, it is often the middle 20 of Social Learning that is forgotten. Ever since Bandura initially suggested that “Most human behaviour is learned observationally through modelling: from observing others, one forms an idea of how new behaviours are performed, and on later occasions this coded information serves as a guide for action”, L&D departments have sought to harness this concept for their own powerful gain.

  • #WomenInLeadership | Episode 2 – Nicky Murdoch

    THIS EPISODE IN THE SERIES FEATURES NICKY MURDOCH, CEO OF DEFENCE MEDICAL WELFARE SERVICE THANKS FOR TAKING TIME OUT FROM YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE TO TALK TO US. AS CEO OF DEFENCE MEDICAL WELFARE SERVICE (DMWS), YOU AND YOUR TEAM PLAY A VITALLY-IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE WELFARE OF SERVICE PERSONNEL AND THEIR FAMILIES. WOULD YOU SHARE A LITTLE ABOUT DMWS AND THE SUPPORT IT PROVIDES? Yes thanks Nigel. St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service is a small service delivery organisation that is in “the business of charity”. It has a long and distinguished history of supporting members of the Armed Forces Community when they are in hospital all over the world.

  • Donald Rumsfeld & The Apprenticeship Levy … Really?

    WITH LESS THAN ONE YEAR TO GO ... ... before the government’s proposed Apprenticeship Levy is introduced there is a lack of definitive details on the scheme and how it will operate. For organisations this uncertainty could make it difficult to begin planning for the levy’s introduction. They can calculate the amount of Levy that they will need to pay (0.5% of their total pay-bill over £3m), but may feel it is currently impossible to develop the strategies that will allow them to best benefit from the levy’s introduction. However, this absence of detail shouldn’t prevent organisations from beginning their planning and preparations now.

  • The (Re)emergence Of The Workplace Coach

    Many Financial Services organisations are developing learning solutions that are shifting the emphasis from ‘trainer-led’ to ‘learner-led’ blended interventions The drive towards learner-led solutions continues to gain momentum: companies being motivated by budget savings and learners motivated by flexible access to the learning curriculum - a ‘win win’ situation! The desire to embrace digital technologies and access the wealth of online learning resources is high on everyone’s agenda. Beyond the work environment we all continually learn in what the Open University calls ‘Incidental’ learning.