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We’re almost nine years on from the financial crisis of 2007, yet consumer surveys consistently reveal that the UK financial services industry remains one of the least trusted sectors. The reputational damage suffered as a result of this crisis being exacerbated by widespread revelations of gross malpractice across the sector.


Edelman’s Trust Barometer has tracked the levels of consumer trust across 27 different countries around the world.

The 2015 results highlight that only 36% of UK consumers have trust in financial services, placing the UK 19th out of the 27 countries surveyed. This means that two out of every three people surveyed do not trust the industry; an alarming statistic which tells us that consumers believe financial services organisations have not changed despite many protestations to the contrary.

Overwhelmingly, consumers remain of the view that financial services organisations place their own self-interests above those of their customers!


We believe that “nothing changes until behaviour changes” and the statistics provide a compelling case for genuine cultural change where customer needs are placed first and product (or service) second. It sounds so simple yet remains so hard to achieve because behaviour is what consumers hear and see, not what the industry wants people to think, feel or believe.

We further believe that the change agenda should be led by understanding the constituent elements that contribute to building and maintaining trust and then demonstrating behaviours that promote trust.


Using David Maister’s findings when developing “The Trust Equation” as a high-level diagnostic tool enables individuals and organisations to gauge the levels of trust in their approach and services

The research concludes that credibility, reliability and intimacy are pre-requisites to building trust, but the key factor is the extent to which the behaviour exhibited demonstrates the approach is either client or organisation centric i.e. whose self-interests are being served!

Our simple definition of effectively delivering advice or services to customers is “help customers make fully informed decisions with integrity”. This approach is underpinned by behaviours that truly demonstrate that you are putting the client at the centre. This is the key factor influencing the extent to which an individual or organisation is trusted.

We are very active in working in the UK and across Europe to help our clients develop and maintain trusted relationships with their customers, enabled by a suite of pragmatic behavioural transformation tools and programmes.

With the post Brexit implications for the sector very much “up in the air” there has, arguably, never been a more important time to build trust and confidence with our customers than right now.

If this approach resonates strongly then we’d be pleased to hear from you and help in whatever way we can …………. whether or not we stand to benefit commercially from the experience!

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About Patrick Doran

The DSW team is led by Patrick Doran who founded the company in 1999. He has managed award winning sales teams, led the learning and development function of a multi-national organisation, operated as an executive coach to Chief Executives and been a Non-Executive HR Director for a major Life Office and Investment House; being responsible for the training and development of both the regulated sales and management populations and all back office personnel - in excess of 6,000 employees.