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Enabling leaders and managers to unlock potential in themselves and those they lead.

Expertise to support the development life-cycle of your leaders, from the start of their careers through to their deployment as senior leaders of your organisation. DSW's suite of leadership solutions helps develop authentic, trusted leaders, equipped with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to deliver sustainable business gains in today’s ever changing, competitive and challenging business landscape.

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Help to build your talent pipeline and identifying future leaders from within or via external hires through objective recruitment and assessment methods to build bench strength for future roles.    


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Support for leaders and managers who are new to role through onboarding programmes which support their capabilities to know themselves, know others, plan, organise, direct, supervise and control activities.

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Support to enhance the knowledge, skills and behaviours of leaders who are maturing in role, to accelerate development in setting direction, creating a vision, aligning people, inspiring and motivating colleagues to follow.

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Coaching, mentoring and development for senior leaders to influence the creation and implementation of strategic goals to stay ahead of the competition and meet changing market needs.

End-to-end Support

Our expertise in L&D means we are able to deliver an end-to-end service to support the whole development life-cycle of your leaders.

From those just starting out in their first management role right through to senior leaders and CEOs, we have developed the skills, knowledge and behaviours of leaders and managers at every level.

  • Talent Pipeline - direction setting to find, support and nurture future talent

  • New to Role - onboarding for first-time leaders and managers which develops their skills and sets the tone

  • Maturing in Role - custom programmes to ensure established leaders and managers continue to develop their skills in-role

  • Senior Leaders - executive coaching and mentoring to provide stretch and challenge at the highest-level

Leadership Development Services

A professional delivering a custom training programme

Professional Development

Custom training programmes to support the development of emotional intelligence,

soft skills and enhanced leadership effectiveness, built upon robust methods and techniques.

Delivering a Leaderships programme



 The Leadership Through People Skills ® programme gives leaders and managers the tools to provide authentic, effective leadership which encourages honesty and trust in all situations.

A Coach delivering a Leadership learning

Coaching and Mentoring

 Executive coaches, mentors and speakers to enhance leadership learning and provide stretch and challenge, for managers and leaders who are both new to role and established.

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