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Our Culture

The Way We Do Things Around Here.

How We Work

We describe ourselves as a 'DSW family'.

Founded with this ethos by Steve Williams and Patrick Doran in 1999, although we have long-since outgrown our humble beginnings, we have continued to behave in a human and authentic way with colleagues and clients.

We have a saying: "when all is said and done, it's behaviour that counts". We seek to understand our own and others' behaviour so we are able to communicate effectively with integrity.

We all have a voice at DSW and we get the chance to use it. Our business exists because we respect one another's expertise and collaborate to achieve the best possible outcomes which represent our talent and skills.

Support and Celebrations

We take the time to mark key milestones with colleagues and provide support when they are faced with challenges.

From raising a glass to toast birthdays or sending flowers when we fall ill, we believe these are the things which make us 'human' as a business.

We know our colleagues may not always remember our words, but we want to show them how much we value them.


Highly-skilled people are the lifeblood of our business.

We will always support training requests in-line with the needs of the individual and the business.

We develop our team through mentoring, coaching, accredited and non-accredited training and have colleagues who are currently studying towards Degree level and beyond.