Introducing Hollie Nasralla - Client Support Executive

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

“The fact that everyone’s opinion is valid and listened to, regardless of their position in the company is a great way for the business to grow. I look forward to being part of this team and making a difference.”

- Hollie Nasralla, Client Support Executive

DSW are delighted to introduce a new member to our growing team of experts. Continuing our ‘introducing…’ posts, the purpose is to help you put a name to the face and get an insight to who we are.

In this post we are pleased to introduce you to Hollie Nasralla, our Client Support Executive.

This is a brand-new role at DSW to support the exponential growth of our Apprenticeship division. Building upon the high standards and first-class reputation that we have established in the market, Hollie has been hired to focus on our ATP and Employer relationships and help them in understanding how best to access the suite of support materials available.

Hollie has been with us for 2 months and has settled in well with the DSW team, making a real difference and delivering exceptional service to our Employers, Training Providers and Assessors alike.

She likes a cuppa like most of us in the office, so she couldn’t escape the ‘Random Tea Generator’ – the robot that decides who’s turn is it to put the kettle on!

Explain a bit about your role and what you do at DSW?

“I am the Client Support Executive for DSW and I focus on supporting the delivery of our End Point Assessments services by providing proactive and reactive support to Employers, Training Providers and Assessors.

“My role requires me to ensure that all stakeholders understand the End Point Assessment process and the specific requirements of each Standard.”

What did you think when you joined DSW?

“Prior to even starting at DSW, the support and information provided was excellent and made me look forward to joining a team who had a sincere approach to employing me.

“Initially, I was nervous as many people are when starting a new job; however, I was really made to feel part of the team and felt appreciated right away.

“I was offered the opportunity to visit the office prior to starting at DSW to meet the team; although this wasn’t something I was able to do due to work commitments, I thought this was a great idea and added to the personalised touch of employment.”

What do you like about DSW?

“There is a friendly atmosphere at DSW and the support I have received since starting is really refreshing and has made me feel like part of the team very quickly.

“It is nice that there is healthy mixture of a relaxed and professional atmosphere which I think helps with productivity and self-motivation within the team.

“I feel very trusted in my role to get on with what I need to do; however, I am confident and comfortable that there is a support system available in the various teams in order to meet the highest expectations of the Employers, Training Providers and Assessors that we work with.

“A culture of a Company is very important to me and this was something I queried about at interview stage. I was assured that the culture was a close-knit family feel where everyone would pitch in where they were required. My experience has been exactly as was described during the interview process; DSW have stayed very true to their word and it is a pleasure to work within the culture that we have and the integrity of our approach to everything.

“The fact that everyone’s opinion is valid and listened to regardless of their position in the Company is a great way for the business to grow. I look forward to being part of this team and making a difference.”

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