A successful Internship completed with us

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

“The culture provided an environment that was challenging yet supportive.”

- Christopher Leslie

Christopher successfully completed his Internship a few months ago, we caught up with him to see how he found the work experience with us.

Explain a bit about your role and what you did at DSW?

During my time at DSW, I conducted research and manipulated the resulting data. This was to provide DSW with important information regarding the current apprenticeship EPA market. Furthermore, I enhanced my data analysis and excel skills in order to model the predicted growth of DSW in the next year.

What did you think when you joined DSW?

I was slightly apprehensive before I started as this was my first experience of working in an office environment, however all the staff at DSW made me feel very welcomed. I was also excited to be part of a growing local business.

What do you like about DSW?

I liked the working culture at DSW which is both friendly and professional. The culture provided an environment that was challenging yet supportive.

What did you learn whilst working at DSW?

Before I started at DSW, I had only a limited knowledge of using Microsoft Excel, yet, during my time at DSW I greatly improved my computing skills. I also learnt how to effectively solve problems as well as working as part of a team.

How do you think your internship experience will help you once you have graduated?

My experience at DSW will help me after I graduate by giving me practical experience of working in a professional environment whilst adhering to deadlines and communicating with colleagues. In addition to helping me develop vocational specific skills.

“It was great to have Chris in the business during his internship. He was able to develop some new skills while bringing his talents to a data project which has helped us provide actionable insight for our clients. I wish Chris all the best with his continued studies.”

- David Pearson, Chief Operating Officer