Case Study - Going above and beyond


Our client, FWD Training & Consultancy Ltd was on the lookout for an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) with a genuinely open & flexible approach, a strong understanding of the Financial Services sector and a high responsiveness to resolving challenges with individual cases.

Marcus Bowsher, Managing Director of FWD Training said:

“DSW has wholly delivered on the brief and our / our clients’ expectations.
“Where we have identified queries or needed to discuss individual circumstances, DSW has always been highly receptive & responsive, and in all cases, we have arrived at a solution that has worked for all parties.
“DSW has also been very open to working with us for the benefit of the sector in developing EPA tools for new standards such as the Level 6 Senior Insurance Professional. This has since resulted in the first ever completions of this standard.
“Additionally, DSW has represented the sector strongly in discussions with regulators to ensure both Training Provider and Employer voices are heard when considering the future of high-quality Financial Service Apprenticeship programmes.
“I would highly recommend DSW to any Financial Services employer or training provider.”

Jake Tween of DSW concludes:

“End Point Assessment is always most effective when the training provider, employer and EPAO form a tripartite relationship from the outset. This is always the case with FWD, who engage early on with employers to ensure they understand the requirements and the responsibilities of everybody involved.
“Any potential issues or barriers are addressed well in advance of the EPA taking place and Apprentices therefore have the best chance of success and a positive experience.