Case Study- Leading UK Bank

Leadership development "LTPS® has enabled me to respond positively to the behaviours of my team, senior managers and stakeholders in a way that enables me to positively influence and maximise their strengths." 

- Former Leadership Programme Delegate

Challenge The company approached DSW to help continually develop the capabilities of its senior and middle management populations as a route to future growth. This included giving them strong communication skills to lead and manage technical team members in a highly competitive environment.  Solution A leadership behaviours programme was proposed based on the Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS®) suite. The leadership programme utilised a learning system called Learning Engineering, which has proven to be effective in accelerating adult learning. The programme consisted of:

  • Explanation of the LTPS model and behaviours

  • Demonstration of this in real life scenarios​

  • Practice and video playback to review the application of the model

  • Feedback from colleagues to cement what has been learned

  • App development to embed and sustain the learning outcomes and provide just-in-time learning 

Outcomes 93% of former delegates felt the programme has increased their leadership skills and effectiveness. There is ongoing advocacy for LTPS® and all newly-promoted managers are put through a 5 day leadership development programme. A programme of LTPS®-based 360° feedback, executive coaching and follow-up workshops has also been implemented, to further develop leaders' skills.