New EPA Toolkits Available

Updated: May 12, 2021

Following the release of the new Assessment plans, we have redeveloped our Toolkits for the Team Leader or Supervisor and or the Operations or Departmental Manager standards.

These Toolkit/s is/are now available on EPA Pro.

The new toolkit/s is/are titled:

• Operations or Departmental Manager Toolkit V1.0

• Team Leader or Supervisor Toolkit V1.0

Please note the existing toolkits will still be available on EPA Pro for any Apprentices registered on programme prior to the dates outlined below.

The changes to the standards are significant, we therefore will be running a Webinar on Monday 19th April (10–11am) which will look at the changes to both the Team Leader or Supervisor and Operations or Departmental Manager. You can register for the free webinar here:

These versions of the Assessment will apply to all Apprentices who were registered on programme on or after (21/10/2020 Operations or Departmental Manager) (26/06/2020 Team Leader or Supervisor).

However you can register an Apprentice on the new version if they were registered on programme prior to this as long as you feel it does not disadvantage the Apprentice in any way.

You will need to notify us of this prior to Gateway to ensure we can put the Apprentice on the correct version of assessment.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to submit them in advance of the webinar to

If you cannot attend the webinar for any reason, it will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. Or please get in touch with the Operations team by calling: 01302 760008 or by emailing: